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Program (schedule)

saturday 16:00

* mey – lumiBots (presentation, emergence/swarm behaviour, building robots) - 30 minutes
* dobrica - replace android with debian, liberate kindle, cardboard stands for e-readers - 60 minutes
* marcell - [let's share books] - 30 minutes
* erdgeist - Political hacker activism in Germany, state sponsored exploits, p2p,  - 30 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A
* voras - discussion on pirate party and direct democracy (moved: voting machines) - 45 minutes

sunday 12:00

* bojan - implementation (haskell) of ideal, a language for typesetting graphics - 45 minutes
* aco - flossmanuals.net, software - 30 minutes
* mey - Urban Hacking (hyper-speed prototyping, performances and interventions) - 30 minutes
* michael - the plumbing of the internet, peering, BGP, SIP, RIPE and v4-Adresses, setting up your own AS
* michael - "what are the legal/technical dependencies for running an ISP, your own network/infrastructure" - 60 minutes
* des - wcit - world congress of IT regulations, december 2012.. - 45 minutes


mirko - openWRT, Linux on embedded devices, drinks no beer, despite being German

mey - artist, klackerlaken (diy making from affordable off-the-shelf electronic parts), lumibots (robots illuminating their path, Arduino-based robot platform, http://meylean.de/lumibots), Lovepicking (lockpicking lovelocks, http://eleanorg.org/blog/liwoliDay2), robots, DIY

hannes - provable software, functional programming, hacker politics, riots

erdgeist - open tracker, p2p, hackers critical politics, ccc, FreeBSD, beer

ana - information science, natural language processing

arangel - sysadmin, free software macedonia, hacker spaces, hacker politics

andrej - gsoc student, computer vision, python

misha (popmisa) - hacktivism, political sciences, would like to hear about book sharing ideas

ivan voras - freebsd, croatian pirate party, crypto & other algorithms

veljko - sysadmin, freelance programmer in django,

nikola - student in zagreb, maths, web development

nikola plejic - student physics, php/python/c#/js, clojure, functional programming

boni - students physics, php/python/c#, startup

ivan horki - php developer

marcell - Hacker philosophy

bojan - code for life, philosopher, coq (proving, ),

kazimir majorinc - lisp, lisp, lisp....

dragan - ruby, statistical modeling in finance, R, machine learning

slavica - loves literature and movies, and swimming :), also codes for life

luka - VoIP, yate

damjan - sysadmin, RedHat, Python, Erlang, JS, HTML, CouchDB, microcontrollers (AVR), networking

dobrica - sysadmin, Perl, Kindle liberation, Nook liberation, Raspberry Pi, making tablet stand from cartboard, http://blog.rot13.org

mans - sysadmin, security, moravice nsnd, best raspberry pi in the house.

aleksandar aco - sourcefabric flossmanuals.net, drinkin

ivan / ims - startup(s)

tomislav bud - sysadmin, Ubuntu

neno -

marko -

des - Internet regulation - Dec 2012 ITU treaty @WCIT, World Conference on International Communications,IPv6, 3D Printers H4CKlab B30GRAD

michael - sysadmin (security/networking focus), Internet regulation, mobile networks (GSM/3g core-/access-network stuff) , low-level admin stuff, BGP, censorship-proof hosting

iugrina - organizer of NSND Split, how to be your own paranoic and run your own calendar server and stuff


http://whoeverest.local:5000 NSND Upvote (IP: - where is source? ;-) - here it is: https://github.com/whoeverest/NSND-Upvoting - downvoting is a bug :(

Kazimir's History of Lisp lectures (Croatian) -- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL49DF57CD4AC37663&feature=plcp

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